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Getting Started Help: New Employees & Custom Roles

The New Employee process currently experiences frequent changes. To help with this, we have created some documents to help new employees and support staff who are trying to help new employees get started on campus.

Please check this web site for the most recent copies of these documents.

These documents were created with the intention of a campus support staff member (such as a department assistant, HR staff member or CCIT staff member) reviewing the Check List with the new employee to help decide which items are relevant to the new employee and to help orient them with the Campus Map.

As the new employee takes care of the items, staff members at the various offices (eg, BlasterCard Office, Plant Facilities, CCIT, and the home department) can help by reviewing the Check List with the new employee.

NOTE: The main differences between the process for Classified Staff/Admin Faculty and Faculty/Adjuncts/Researchers are: (1) the process for Faculty/Adjuncts/Researchers allows for easier access to some campus resources (such as email and Blackboard accounts) prior to the new employee arriving on campus; and (2) the hiring process for Faculty/Adjuncts/Researchers is primary through the hiring department and Academic Affairs (rather than HR).

Custom Role Information/Forms

If you find that the New Employee process has changed and that these documents no longer reflect the process, please recommend updates via the Mines Help Center.

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Last Modified: July 31, 2015